The Weather Information in Toulouse

Are you looking for the weather information on Toulouse? Here are the weather and the recommended time to visit this beautiful city in France. The winter here is partly cloudy and extremely cold. Meanwhile, in the summer, it’s nice and warm. Throughout the year, the overall temperature is rarely above 34°C or below -4°C.

The Weather Information in Toulouse
The Weather Information in Toulouse


The summertime is from June 13 to September 14 that lasts for two months has a median day-to-day  high temperature more than 25°C. Meanwhile, the most humid day annually is in the average low 17°C and 28°C that is usually on August 4.

However, the wintertime starts from November until March that lasts for three months has a median day-to-day  high temperature under 12°C. And the day which is the coldest annually is in the average low 2°C and a high of 9°C that is usually on January 14.


The sky covered by clouds that has an average percentage affects the various seasons throughout the year. In Toulouse, the sunniest part of the year starts around June 11 and lasts for three months. It usually ends on September 22. The clearest day annually is on July 20. On this day, the sky is clear.

Every year, the cloudier part in Toulouse starts about September 22 and lasts for eight months. It ends on June 11. When it’s the cloudiest day of the year, the sky is usually dark and overcast. The percentage of the cloud is around 50% constantly and 35% for the partly cloudy.


There are around 0.03 inches of liquid if we talk about the rainfall in Toulouse. Throughout the year, the probability of the wet days in this city changes. The wetter season lasts around seven months from September 24 to June 6. There is a 25% chance for the weather to be wet likely around May. This month is the peak of the wet day.

Meanwhile, it will last for three months from June 6 to September 24 for the drier season. There is only a 15% chance of a wet day on August 24. During the wet days, the weather forecast usually differentiates the snow, rain alone, as well as the blend of the two. According to this differentiation, the peak probability of rainfall throughout the year is about 35% on May 4.

The Best Time to Visit Toulouse

According to most researches, there are two recommended times to visit Toulouse. When you visit this city during that time, you will get the best experience in the nice weather. The best time to visit this beautiful, vibrant city in France is from the beginning of June to late September.

The Weather Information in Toulouse
The Weather Information in Toulouse

The weather during these months is good. It’s the rainless days. It’s around 18°C and 23°C. It’s is perfect for doing outdoor activities and having an enjoyable stroll during the evening.