Adventurous Spots You Can Find In Toulouse France

Toulouse is a great city for those who love adventure. On the other hand, if you love aeronautical things, visiting Toulouse could be a great idea. Since the city is the hub of space and aeronautical industry, it is considered as the city of the star. The city is able to get your adrenaline rushing as well. There some various activities you can do in Toulouse. The activity will leave you jaw-dropping with an unforgettable experience.

Adventurous Spots You Can Find In Toulouse France
Adventurous Spots You Can Find In Toulouse France

You can opt for adventure activities in Toulouse to boast your side of fearlessness. If you are an adrenaline junkie, you won’t miss out on some courageous activities. For more adventurous activities, there are some places you can stopover.

Some people may think that a park with a space theme fails, but Cite De Le’space is different. It offers an unusual space adventure you’ve never had before. The place is wide and you will find any surprising thing in each corner. If you have kids, then this place is right for them. You can see some rocket models, the solar system, and many more. There are also 2 planetariums you can visit. To avoid the queue, consider buying the ticket online.

Adventurous Spots You Can Find In Toulouse France
Adventurous Spots You Can Find In Toulouse France


AnimaParc is a famous animal park located about forty kilometers from the city of Toulouse. It’s such a good place for animal lovers. It’s also a good place for family’s day out. You can feed the animals to make a memorable experience your children cannot forget. If you want another option, you can try some fun games available like Water Park, pirate ship, and roller-coaster. in addition, you can opt for an overnight stay for a more enjoyable moment with your family.

Le Velotrement

If you are a biking enthusiast, having a bike tour is a great option you can do in Toulouse. Le Velotrement offers a different bike touring experience with an electric bike all the way through the city. The bike is also equipped with a professional cycling monitor makes it easy for you to bike.

Musee aeroscopia

Have you ever wondered about the sensation of flight? You can get all the answers in Toulouse. This city is the home of Aeroscopia museum and airbus factory. Musee Aeroscopia is such a perfect place to find out everything about aeronautics. The museum focuses on flight history along with a wide variety of plane models you can gain knowledge of.

Getting lost in Toulouse streets

The beauty of Toulouse is in its colorful and meandering streets. During your visit, you can try an adventurous activity like let yourself to get lost in the city life. The city is obviously providing numerous bookstores, hidden wine bars, and also cozy cafes. Free your time, throw the map and lose your way in the city’s gorgeous architectures.

While Toulouse is often overlooked by travelers, it offers food, culture, adventure, and splendors at the most idyllic place.