The Famous Fashion Style and Boutiques in Toulouse

France is truly one of the world’s leading fashion. However, one of the cities that is less popular has a one-of-a-kind fashion style that inspires a lot of people. Toulouse is one of the towns in France that has a classic, preppy style.

The Toulouse Fashion Style

The fashion styles that describe Toulouse are chic and smart. The reason is that there are a lot of universities here and the style inspired by a lot of fashionista students. The examples of the popular styles are a classic Channel tote bag, Breton tops, nude trench coat, and skinny jeans.

The other style for the Toulouse popular street fashion style is the cobbled streets. People usually wear a classic blazer or trench, a striped sweater, Capri trousers, as well as flat shoes.

The Famous Fashion Style and Boutiques in Toulouse
The Famous Fashion Style and Boutiques in Toulouse

The Fashion Brands from Toulouse

Toulouse is the place of origin of the famous brands like the 7Robes, The Kooples, Marchand Drapier, Marc Deloche, and Le Comptoir des Cotonniers. These brands form the avant-garde fashion style in the city.

The Boutiques in Toulouse

There are a lot of designers who create not only fashionable clothes but also artisan crafts. The city decorated with many boutiques along the way. You can see major fashion brands in rue de Saint-Rome like Foot Locker, Vans, and Hema. Meanwhile, Zara, Pimkie, and H&M located in rue d’Alsace-Lorraine. You can find good caps, t-shirts, and trainers in rue des Tourneurs, rue des Filters, and rue Cujas.

If you are looking for more modern, edgy boutiques, you can visit rue Croix-Baragnon, rue Boulbonne, and rue des Arts. Luxury fashion brands are easy to find in Saint-Georges or Victor-Hugo squares. The newest designs are on sale in every boutique of this road.

As one of the most vibrant cities in France, Toulouse has a lot of notorious fashion brands. Since 1990, this city has been developing fashion styles and inspired many designers to open stores and boutiques. The first department store opened in the old site of Dames de France.

Even though you don’t need a new pair of flats or dresses, but going shopping in Toulouse can be a good bucket list. You can find local fashion items, bola 88, accessories, and jewelry. Here are two famous branded boutiques you don’t want to miss when visiting Toulouse.

The Famous Fashion Style and Boutiques in Toulouse
The Famous Fashion Style and Boutiques in Toulouse


Are you looking for fashionable and comfy clothes? You should check out the Saint Georges square and L’atelier boutique. It sells gorgeous designs for every fashionista. One of the most incredible things about this boutique is the decor that follows the season. Every time you visit it in a different season, the decoration will change as well as the clothing design.


For men who want to look stylish and expensive, Soulery is the best place to visit. It’s been 30 years now for Soulery to be one of the well-known fashion references for men who have high taste in fashion. You can find various items from shoes to costumes of some sophisticated brands.